Month: February 2017

Chickenpox Vaccine Immunization Info

Why You Should Skip That “Chickenpox Party”

What should you do if you're invited to a pox party? Don't go.

/ February 28, 2017
SodaStream Recall

SodaStream Recalls 50,000 Bottles for Explosion Risk

A manufacturing defect forced SodaStream to recall blue-tinted carbonating bottles due to the risk of explosions and serious injuries.

/ February 28, 2017
Apple Sauce

Trader Joe’s Recalls Apple Sauce Over Dangerous Glass Fragments

Trader Joe's is voluntarily recalling three kinds of unsweetened applesauce due to "the potential presence of glass pieces" in the jars.

/ February 28, 2017
Zostavax Lawsuit in Nevada

Zostavax Shingles Vaccine Lawsuit Filed by Nevada Woman

The first-ever Zostavax shingles vaccine lawsuit blames Merck & Co. for failing to warn that it can re-activate the virus and cause shingles, chickenpox, or severe complications like blindness and chronic pain.

/ February 27, 2017
Bard G2 IVC Filter Lawsuit in New York

New York Man Files G2® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed by a man who was injured by a vascular blood clot filter that is estimated to break in 38% of patients within 5 years.

/ February 27, 2017

Mother Blames Monster Energy Drink for Death of Son

A Jacksonville mother claims her 19-year-old son died after consuming about half a can of Monster Energy Drink.

/ February 27, 2017
Little Tykes Swing Recall

Little Tykes Toddler Swing Recalled for Fall Hazard

Little Tykes recalled 540,000 pink toddler swings sold from 2009-2014 after dozens of kids were hurt or broke an arm when the seat broke.

/ February 24, 2017
IVC Filter Lawsuit in Florida

Florida Man Files Celect® IVC Filter Lawsuit

Thousands of people have been injured by "short-term" IVC filters that caused severe side effects. Studies show nearly all Celect® IVC filters puncture through the vein within a few months of being implanted.

/ February 24, 2017

Ready Pac Recalls 30 Tons of Salad Over Listeria in Cheese

Pre-packaged chicken salads made by Ready Pac are being recalled across the U.S. after the company discovered they contain cheese that is already being recalled as part of an ongoing listeria outbreak.

/ February 24, 2017
Ohio IVC Filter Lawsuit

Ohio Woman Files Celect® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A woman from Ohio is one of over 2,500 people who filed lawsuits over serious injuries from intravenous blood clot filters. Studies of the Celect® show that 80% puncture through the vein within 90 days.

/ February 23, 2017