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Ben C. Martin

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The Law Offices of Ben C. Martin, is one of the Nation’s leading IVC Filter law firms and is at the forefront of the nationwide litigation against the manufacturers of Inferior Vena Cava Filters (“IVC Filters”).

About IVC Filters

IVC FilterIVC filters are wire devices that are implanted in the largest vein in the body. They are designed to prevent blood clots in the lungs, also known as a pulmonary embolism. The problem is that IVC filters themselves pose life-threatening risks, especially when short-term IVC filters are not retrieved as soon as they are no longer necessary.

The FDA has issued multiple warnings about filter migration, fracture, embolization of broken pieces to vital organs, vein perforation, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), problems retrieving IVC filters, and other risks. Thousands of people have filed lawsuits against manufacturers for selling defective devices and failing to warn about side effects and The Law Offices of Ben C. Martin represents a number of these individuals.

Why Choose The Law Offices of Ben C. Martin

At the law offices of Ben C. Martin, we work hard and we work smart to help you win. Since 1991 we have represented people who have been harmed by the negligent and wrongful acts of companies and individuals.

Mr. Martin has currently dedicating the majority of his practice to representing individuals and families of IVC Filter recipients.  He has been distinguished the honor of and serves on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee of the C.R. Bard IVC Filter MDL and he is Co-lead Counsel in the Cook Medical IVC Filter MDL.

We are intently focused on four practice areas, IVC Filter Complications, Drug & Medical Device Lawsuits, Wrongful Death & Catastrophic Injury and Medical Malpractice & Hospital Liability.

Our attorneys have decades of experience and strong reputations in these areas, helping thousands of medical negligence, personal injury and accident victims get the results they deserve – at trial and in settlements.

Our highly recognized attorneys know how to take on multinational corporations and hold them accountable for their actions. We handle individual cases nationwide, and we are nationally recognized leaders in multidistrict litigation (MDL).

When you have our trial lawyers on your case, you can be certain we will be prepared, proactive and tenacious.

We are compassionate. When you come to us, we know you’ve likely been wrongfully harmed and are in a vulnerable place. We will be by your side all the way. For this reason, referring attorneys also regularly trust their clients and their cases to us, and we are honored to serve them.

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