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CT Scan IVC Filter Injury Lawsuit

IVC Filter Vein Perforation Lawsuit Filed Against Cook Medical

A lawsuit has been filed against Cook Medical by a woman from West Virginia who suffered a vein perforation less than 4 months after the Celect® IVC filter was implanted in her body.

/ May 17, 2017
IVC FIlter Injury Lawsuit

Lawsuit Filed Over Broken IVC Filter in Lungs, Heart

A lawsuit has been filed by a man who was seriously injured when a G2® IVC filter became embedded in his vein, fractured, sent broken pieces to his heart and lungs, and was impossible to remove.

/ May 9, 2017
IVC Filter Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Texas Family Files IVC Filter Death Lawsuit

The family of a woman who died of complications from an IVC filter has filed a lawsuit against C.R. Bard for failing to warn about the risk. Studies estimate that 40% of Recovery® IVC filters break in 5.5 years.

/ May 4, 2017
Man With Chest Pain from IVC Filter Injury

Lawsuit Filed Over Cardiac Blood Clot Filter

One of the most severe IVC filter complications occurs when broken pieces travel in the bloodstream and puncture the heart, resulting in severe irregular heart rhythm, cardiac tamponade, or sudden death.

/ May 3, 2017
IVC FIlter Lawsuit Filed by California Man Against Cook Medical

IVC Blood Clot Filter Lawsuit Filed in California

Over 1,750 people who were injured by IVC blood clot filters have filed lawsuits against Cook Medical. The size of the litigation continues to skyrocket as people develop long-term side effects of IVC filters.

/ May 2, 2017
IVC filter Vein injury Lawsuit

Vein Filter Injury Lawsuit Filed in Pennsylvania

Lawsuits accuse Cook Medical of failing to warn about complications that can make it impossible to remove a "retrievable" Günther Tulip® IVC filter. Studies show that 43% puncture the vein within 14 months and nearly all are tilted during retrieval...

/ May 1, 2017
Man With Chest Pain from IVC Filter Injury

Texas Man Injured by IVC Filter Sues Cook Medical

Studies show the Celect® blood clot filter punctures through the vena cava in 80% of patients within 90 days, and often hits nearby organs.

/ April 27, 2017
Group of surgeons at work operating in surgical theatre. Resuscitation medicine team wearing protective masks holding steel medical tools saving patient. Surgery and emergency concept

Virginia Woman Files Blood Clot Filter Injury Lawsuit

Cook Medical is facing over 1,750 lawsuits from people who say the company downplayed safety risks of blood clot filters, such as filter fracture and vein perforations in the first few months of implantation.

/ April 26, 2017
Medical team performing operation

Kansas Woman Files Meridian® IVC Filter Lawsuit

The FDA recommends removing temporary IVC filters within 29-54 days, but studies show that fewer than 30% are ever removed. The manufacturers are now facing over 3,000 lawsuits for downplaying risks and failing to warn about devastating long-term side effects.

/ April 25, 2017
Human Heart Anatomy IVC Filter

Vena Cava Filter Lawsuit Filed Against C.R. Bard

Studies have linked C.R. Bard's G2® IVC filter with a 38% risk of fracture within 5 years of implantation. The manufacturer is facing over 1,700 lawsuits for selling a defective and dangerous medical device.

/ April 24, 2017