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Lawsuits for IVC Filter Injuries

Pennsylvania Woman Files Cook Gunther Tulip® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A woman from Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit after her IVC Filter fractured, and the broken piece became embedded in her spine.

/ June 19, 2018
prostate cancer

‘Untreatable’ Prostate Cancer Halted by New Drug in Clinical Trials

More than 1 in 10 men with previously untreatable prostate cancer have reported 'astonishing benefits' from a new medicine that works by jumpstarting the immune system to stop tumors, according to the results of a new study investigating the effects...

/ June 19, 2018
Fresh vegetable platter

Del Monte Recalls Veggie Trays Over Parasite Contamination

Del Monte Foods, Inc., has issued a nationwide recall for 3 sizes of vegetable trays due to a parasite outbreak, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned on Friday.

/ June 18, 2018
Del Monte Veggie Tray Recall

Del Monte Veggie Trays Recalled After Cyclospora Outbreak

Del Monte Fresh Produce has recalled vegetable trays with broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots and dill dip after 78 people were sickened with food poisoning in an outbreak of the parasite Cyclospora.

/ June 18, 2018
Dave's Dog Food Recall

Dave’s Dog Food Recalled for High Beef Thyroid Hormone

One lot of Dave's Dog Food 95% Premium Beef canned dog food was recalled after 4 dogs got sick due to elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone.

/ June 15, 2018
Honey Smacks

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Recalled for Salmonella Contamination

The Kellogg Company has announced it is recalling certain packages of Honey Smacks cereal over potential contamination with salmonella, a bacterium that causes severe foodborne illness.

/ June 15, 2018
Hawaiian Islands

Outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease Strikes Hawaii

The Hawaii State Department of Health confirmed on Wednesday that it is investigating a sixth case of Legionnaires’ disease on the Hawaiian Islands, most of which have occurred in people with chronic health problems or compromised immune systems.

/ June 14, 2018
Bard Eclipse® IVC Filter Lawsuit

Pennsylvania Man Files Eclipse® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A man from Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit against C.R. Bard after his Eclipse® IVC Filter fractured into 3 pieces and migrated, but his doctors were only able to remove 2 of the pieces in multiple surgeries.

/ June 14, 2018
Texas Man Files Option ELITE® IVC Filter Lawsuit

Nevada Woman Files Option® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A woman from Nevada has filed a lawsuit after her Option® Retrievable IVC Filter was unable to be removed because it tilted and became embedded in her vein.

/ June 13, 2018
Arizona Man Files Option ELITE® IVC Filter Lawsuit

Iowa Woman Files Option ELITE® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed by a woman who endured 2 unsuccessful surgeries to remove an IVC Filter that became tilted and embedded in her vein.

/ June 12, 2018