You may have heard about a devastating forest fire in Fort McMurray, Canada. Last week, a fire tore through the city and forced almost 90,000 people to evacuate. It destroyed over 2,400 structures. Entire neighborhoods are gone and residents won’t be able to return for some time.

Some incredible stories have emerged… Tales of selfless sacrifice — like the firefighter who wouldn’t stop after he and his crew failed to save his own home.

As it burned to the ground, he moved on to the next house to save it — and kept going.

“He didn’t drop his nozzle,” said Fire Chief Darby Allen. “He moved to his neighbor’s house and continued to fight that fire. And he fought that fire for a further 22 hours before he just couldn’t stand anymore.”

But fainting goats? One family packed two fainting goats into the cab of their truck and drove 10 hours to escape the flames.

If you’ve never heard of a fainting goat, watch this video:

John Paton had seven people and two vehicles with enough gas to get down Highway 63. After doing quick math, he decided to bring the goats — Diego and Bella.

The goats have been part of the family for nearly seven years, spending their days grazing peaty fields on his rural acreage. Due to a genetic condition, they fall over and go rigid for about 30 seconds when startled.

But hoisting them into the truck was a challenge. “They’re so fat they were just waddling,” said Paton. “And one of them, I thought he was going to have a heart attack, but we finally got him.”

They put a tarp down over the back seat of his half-tonne Ford F-150 and hoisted the goats inside. Not long after the family was on the road in deadlocked traffic, the goats “unloaded” all over the tarp. Not even thick clouds of smoke could stifle the smell.

“And I said to them, the next one of you who poops, you’re walking,” Paton joked.

Paton and his wife are staying at their cabin for now. The smell in his truck has mostly dissipated. Their home escaped the blaze.

“We’ll be back, we’ve been there for 43 years,” said Paton. “And the goats will be coming with us. They have one more trip to make in the back of that truck.”

Source: Flatulent Fainting Goats Escape Fort McMurrary Fire

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