According to a report from WJAR-TV in Rhode Island, Kristi Warner mailed her 6 year-old daughter’s glitter makeup kit from Claire’s to an independent lab — and she says it tested positive for asbestos, a cancer-causing substance.

The teen retailer Claire’s said it will hire its own independent laboratory to test the products in question.

The makeup includes the bedazzled rainbow heart makeup set and metallic hot pink glitter makeup set.

Warner and the class action lawyer she works for, John Deaton, bought 17 more Claire makeup products from 9 different states to test for asbestos. All of them tested positive for asbestos, they say.

Warner works for a law firm that specializes in asbestos class action lawsuits. She sent her daughter’s makeup to Scientific Analytical Institute, a laboratory in North Carolina that also tested makeup from the teen retailer Justice for asbestos contamination. The tests detected asbestos, but Justice says its own laboratory tests did not find asbestos.

Powdered makeup often contains talcum powder, a mineral that is similar to asbestos. The FDA banned asbestos in cosmetic products in the 1970s. Before then, talc was often contaminated with asbestos.

Source: Consumer Advocate: Claire’s pulls children’s makeup after family finds asbestos

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