The lawsuit alleges that nearly 500,000 Britax B.O.B. jogging strollers that were imported between 1997 and September 2015 have a defective quick-release lever connecting the front wheel to the stroller.

The quick-release lever may not actually secure the wheel to the stroller and it may not be obvious to users. This could allow the front wheel to detach, causing the stroller to stop suddenly and tip over.

Children have suffered concussions, head and face injuries that required stitches, tooth or dental injuries, bruises, and scrapes.

Adults have suffered broken bones, torn ligaments, a torn labrum, bruises, and scrapes as a result of the wheel suddenly falling off.

According to the CPSC:

Since January 2012, approximately 200 consumers have reported front wheel detachments while using the stroller, resulting in at least 97 injuries to children and adult consumers. At least 50 children and 47 adults have been injured.”

The CPSC wants Britax to recall approximately 493,000 B.O.B. jogging strollers that were imported and distributed from December 2011 through September 2015.

The CPSC added that an unknown number of strollers were imported and distributed by B.O.B. Trailers Inc. between 1997 and December 2011, when the company was acquired by Britax.

The three-wheeled jogging strollers include the following 17 models:

  • Ironman
  • Ironman Duallie
  • Revolution
  • Revolution CE
  • Revolution Flex
  • Revolutions Flex Duallie
  • Revolution Pro
  • Revolution Pro Duallie
  • Revolution SE
  • Revolution SE Demo
  • Revolution SE Duallie
  • Revolution SE Duallie Plus
  • Revolution SE Plus
  • Sport Utility Stroller
  • Stroller Strides
  • Stroller Strides Duallie
  • SUS Duallie

Britax B.O.B. jogging stroller

Quick release on Britax B.O.B. jogging stroller

Quick release on Britax B.O.B. jogging stroller

Source: CPSC Sues Britax Over Hazardous Jogging Strollers; Action Prompted by Ongoing Harm to Children and Adults from Stroller Wheel Detachment

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