USC is investigating Tyndall for sexually abusing his patients.

The complaints started in 1990, when Tyndall was accused of routinely photographing students’ genitals.

Tyndall was forced to stop using the camera after numerous complaints, but last year, those photographs were discovered underneath his desk during a search of his office.

Since the 1990s, nurses and co-workers filed many complaints about Tyndall’s “creepy” and “disturbing” conduct toward young women — specifically his routine use of his fingers at the start of pelvic exams, making sexual comments while moving his fingers in and out, asking women to lie completely naked on the exam table so he could slowly inspect every part of their body for moles, racist remarks, and more.

Tyndall was also accused of targeting the growing population of Chinese students at USC, who often had a limited knowledge of American medical norms and English language.

USC finally suspended Tyndall in 2016, after a frustrated nurse finally reported him to the campus rape crisis center after her complaints to the Student Health Center administrators were ignored.

The nurse, Cindy Gilbert, has resigned. She accuses USC of retaliating against her for speaking out.

USC concluded that Tyndall did sexually harass students during pelvic exams, but in a secret deal last year, USC allowed Tyndall to resign with a financial payout. His patients were never informed by USC.

USC also did not report Tyndall for the Medical Board of California until March 9, which prevented a state investigation that might have ended in a suspension of his license. He renewed his license in January 2018 and said he intends to work until he is in his 80s.

Source: A USC doctor was accused of bad behavior with young women for years. The university let him continue treating students

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