Allergan Aesthetics, now owned by AbbVie, said it will launch a campaign on digital and social media in an attempt to warn women about the recall for Biocell® breast implants.

The company will ask women with the implants to visit and register. This will help Allergan track the devices.

Women who are not sure what type of breast implants they received can also contact their surgeon or hospital to see if there are records.

The textured Biocell breast implants were recalled after being linked to a 6-fold increased risk of a cancer called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL).

More than 900 women have been diagnosed with ALCL and at least 33 have died from the disease. ALCL can sometimes take a decade or more to develop, with few symptoms in the early stages.

Allergan said it is still trying to contact around 52,000 women who received Biocell® breast implants. Those women may not be aware of the recall or the potential risk of cancer.

Furthermore, the company has offered to pay $7,500 for out-of-pocket surgery costs for any woman who has developed ALCL, and $1,000 for diagnostic testing for anyone with the implants.

Source: Allergan Aesthetics Launches Dedicated Multi-Channel Campaign To Contact Patients Who May Not Be Aware Of The BIOCELL® Recall And To Improve Tracking Information For U.S. Breast Implant Patients

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