Less than a month after its launch date, Samsung has recalled every Note 7 smartphone worldwide because the battery can explode. An estimated 1 in 42,000 devices are affected by the problem.

It is dangerous to keep using the phone. Consumers should immediately turn the power off and get it exchanged.

Samsung blames the problem on a rare manufacturing defect that causes the lithium ion battery to overheat.

There have been several reports of car fires and a possible house fire linked to the Note 7. A 6 year-old boy in Brooklyn was burned on his hands when a Galaxy Core Prime exploded as he was watching videos.

Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have not banned the Note 7 on planes, but experts strongly recommend against using the phone or stowing it in checked baggage.


On September 8, a lawsuit was filed by a man who was severely burned by an exploding Samsung Galaxy smartphone — but not the Note 7.

On May 30, Daniel Ramirez was carrying an S7 Edge in his pocket at a construction job site in Ohio. Soon after starting work, he heard a “whistling and screeching” sound and saw thick smoke.

Ramirez pulled the phone out of his pocket, only to have it burn his hand and then suddenly explode without warning.

He suffered 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns and permanent scarring on his groin, legs, and lower back. The lawsuit includes graphic photos of extensive skin grafts on his leg.


Lithium ion batteries charge quickly and pack a lot of power in a small size, making them ideal for cellphones, laptops, and cars. However, they also contain highly-flammable chemicals. Explosions can occur in many ways:

  • Damage to the battery
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Contact with keys, coins, or metal in your pocket or purse
  • High heat
  • Incompatible chargers
  • Over-charging

Source: Digital Trends

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