The payout is up to $300 per call, per phone line, with a maximum award of $900 — which might be enough for a free cruise on its own.

The lawsuit alleges that Resort Marketing Group broke the law when it made automated “robocalls” to millions of people offering a free cruise on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian Cruise Lines.

You can simply enter your phone number to see if it is part of this settlement. If your number is in their database, you can file online or print out the online form and mail it in by November 3, 2017.

You could be eligible if you got a call between July 2009 and March 2014 on your cell phone or landline. To find out, visit the settlement website and click on “File a Claim” on the left-hand sidebar.

Lawyers say Resort Marketing Group bought consumers’ contact information from data brokers in 2009, and illegally sent pre-recorded messages using automated equipment to people without permission — in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Source: This Robocall Lawsuit Means That You Can Receive Up To $900

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  1. I received such a call and gave them money, I believe a total of $300 or $350.00. I can look it up on my bank statement. I stopped payment when they started to take money out of my account because I was suppose to make monthly payments until I had the trip paid off. I had not received any information about the cruise in the mail, which I was suppose to do, that is why I cancelled the payments coming out of my bank account. What can I do to get this $ back. They said they were with Royal Cruise Line. Thank You.

  2. I’m not sure what it is you need. I was scammed out of about $350.00 from telemarketing for Royal Cruise Lines. What else would you like from me?

  3. I have left 2 replies all ready. I don’t know what else you need from me, but I would like your help to get the money back that they got from me. Please tell me what you need! My phone # is 970-888-3285. It does not come up on the list but I am fairly sure this was a telemarketing scam and I lost money on it. Can you help?

  4. I checked mine and I’m not eligible. Lol. I think if I could track down the caller, I would sue them individually with help of a lawyer, like what I read at I still get these kind of calls until few weeks ago.

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