Documents from the district’s internal investigations show that officials at John O’Connell were aware of allegations against Gamino for years, but allowed him to keep his job coaching female students.

The school principal Mark Alvaredo admonished Gamino for inappropriately touching two African-American female students 2 years ago, but did not notify the district about the allegations.

Girls at John O’Connell were also aware of Gamino’s behavior, with older girls forewarning younger girls. Some of those students chose not to play soccer to avoid being touched or verbally harassed.

The girls said Gamino would build relationships and gain the trust of the girls he assaulted, often waiting a full year before turning physical.

One anonymous student said, “He passed me and grabbed my butt and then just walked away. I thought it was an accident. Then it sunk in that it wasn’t.”

Alysha Stone, former captain of the girls’ soccer team, said Gamino verbally harassed her at the beginning of the year — but the harassment became physical by spring semester:

There would be times when I would be injured, so I had to sit on the bench. And he would like put his hand on my thigh. … He like grabbed right under my breast on top of my ribcage and like, why would you grab there?”

Ms. Stone came forward with the accusations against Gamino in May 2017 and he immediately retired, keeping full salary and health benefits from the district.

Mark Alvaredo was transferred to an administrative position at Everett Middle School for failing to report Gamino’s behavior. He was not charged with a crime, though it is illegal to fail to report sexual abuse.

Source: Former San Francisco Teacher, Coach Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Students

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