Products affected by the recall include:

Rad Cat Raw Diet Free-Range Chicken Recipe

  • Lot Code 63057, Best By Date: 10/9/2019
  • Lot Code 63069, Best By Date: 10/23/2019
  • Lot Code 63076, Best By Date: 10/31/2019 (8oz UPC 8 51536 00103 6, 16oz UPC 8 51536 00104 3, 24oz UPC 8 51536 00105 0)

Rad Cat Raw Diet Pasture-Raised Venison Recipe

  • Lot Code 63063, Best By Date: 10/15/2019
    (8oz UPC 8 51536 00121 0, 16oz UPC 8 51536 00122 7, 24oz UPC 8 51536 00123 4 and 1oz Samples)

All products were shipped to distributors in the U.S. in May and June 2018, FDA said. The problem was discovered after routine testing by Radagast detected the pathogens.

Humans can pick up E. coli and listeria through the handling of contaminated pet food. Surfaces such as countertops, along with utensils and pet bowls, may become tainted and transfer the bacteria to human food prepared in the same areas.

FDA has a zero tolerance rule for both listeria and E. coli O121 in pet food. People infected with either bacterium may experience varying degrees of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and fever. Contact your healthcare provider immediately if you suspect an infection.

Source: Miami Herald

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