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Ray Simon is a veteran copywriter with more than a decade's worth of experience in the field. He studied journalism at Vanderbilt University, graduating Cum Lade in 2007. Ray currently specializes in writing content and news articles for independent publications.

Autism Eye Test

Novel Eye Test Could Help Diagnose Autism

A new test that measures rapid eye movements could help identify deficits in an area of the brain associated with the development of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), a new study has found.

/ July 26, 2017
Bush's Baked Beans

Bush’s Baked Beans Recalled for ‘Defective Cans’

Bush Brothers & Co. has issued a recall for certain 28-ounce cans of Bush’s Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans, Country Style Baked Beans, and Original Baked Beans due to "potentially defective side seams on the cans."

/ July 25, 2017
Ford Logo

Own a Ford? You May Qualify for a Class Action Settlement

Ford Motor Co. has agreed to provide “substantial cash payments” and other benefits to the owners of about 1.5 million Fiesta and Focus vehicles that had to be repaired due to allegedly defective transmissions, the automaker has announced.

/ July 24, 2017
Chipotle food poisoning lawsuit settlements.

Chipotle Restaurant Closed Following Norovirus Scare: 130+ Illnesses Reported

A Chipotle Mexican Grill in Sterling, Virginia, has been identified as the likely source of a norovirus outbreak that has sickened more than 130 people.

/ July 21, 2017
Propane Recall

Propane Cylinders Recalled for Fire, Explosion Risk

Refillable propane cylinders sold at Ace Hardware, Home Depot and other retailers are being recalled for leaks that could pose a risk of fire and/or explosion.

/ July 20, 2017
Mercedes Logo

Daimler Recalls 3 Million Mercedes Diesel Cars Over Toxic Emissions

Daimler AG has issued a major recall in Europe to fix engine software on more than 3 million diesel vehicles amid rumors of a government probe into whether the automaker violated emissions standards.

/ July 19, 2017
Coffee Beans

Herbal Coffee Recalled Over Potential Contamination with Viagra-Like Drug

Bestherbs Coffee LLC has issued a recall for its “New of Kopi Jantan Tradisional Natural Herbs Coffee” after an FDA analysis identified the presence of a drug that is similar to the active ingredient in Viagra.

/ July 18, 2017
Hot Dogs

More Than 7 Million Pounds of Hot Dogs Recalled for Bone Fragments

Marathon Enterprises Inc. is recalling millions of pounds of hot dogs and other beef and pork products after customers reported finding pieces of bone and cartilage in some of the foods, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety...

/ July 17, 2017
Dallas Uber Car Accident Lawyer

Uber Driver Advances ‘Wage Theft’ Lawsuit in North Carolina

A federal judge in North Carolina ruled Wednesday in favor of an Uber driver who filed a lawsuit against the ailing ride-sharing company, paving the way for a potential notable expansion of the litigation.

/ July 14, 2017
Energy Drink Hepatitis Lawsuit

How Energy Drinks Affect the Body

More and more Americans are switching from coffee to energy drinks when they need a boost, but there’s a lot going on under that pop top and few of us understand exactly how they work. Here’s a look at some...

/ July 13, 2017