Subaru says the recall affect 293 Ascent SUVs to determine whether welding around the “B” pillar is sufficient. The automaker said a software programming error means certain vehicles didn’t get enough spot welds.

Cars that lack the welds have a weakened structure that could “increase the risk of injury in a crash,” Subaru said.

The B pillar is directly behind the driver and front-seat passenger and supports the roof. The problem can’t be fixed, so Subaru will give owers of all affected vehicles brand new ones.

The Ascent is a 3-row SUV that ranges in price from about $32,000 to $45,000.

The automaker said an inspector at the assembly plant in Indiana noticed the missing welds late last month.

The problem affects models built between July 16 and the 25, Subaru said.

Source: Forbes

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