The woman, Christine D., wrote about the incident on Facebook and urged people to be cautious when using aerosol cans.

She said her daughter kept a can of Equate Tea Tree Dry Shampoo in the center console of her Honda Civic. It exploded during hot temperatures, blew the hinges off the console, shot straight through the sunroof and landed 50 feet away.

Thankfully, no one was injured — but it could have caused a car accident or other catastrophic injuries.

“I just want to remind you (and your kids) to heed those warnings on products you may be using. Please don’t leave aerosol cans (and especially dry shampoo, as this seems to be an issue with some brands) in your car!”

Walmart, which owns the Equate® brand, said the shampoo can has a specific warning label that it may explode when it gets too hot.

The warning on the front of the can, reads: “DANGER. Extremely flammable. Container may explode if heated.”

Source: Dry shampoo can explodes, blows through car sunroof, lands 50 feet away

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