The wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Juul Labs Inc. by the mother of an 18 year-old boy from Florida who died in his sleep in August 2018.

She claims he was a healthy teenager whose life ended tragically and prematurely due to injuries that were directly caused by his addiction to Juul e-cigarettes.

Less than a year after he started vaping, she alleges that he became “intensely addicted” and was hospitalized three times for breathing problems.

She also claims that her son suffered from severe mood swings when he did not have access to his Juul.

In one instance, he “became enraged and threw a mini fridge off the top floor of his home because he was angry about not being able to vape,” according to the lawsuit.

Lawyers claim that Juul e-cigarettes are highly addictive and unsafe, but they are designed and marketed specifically to entice teenage users and create a new generation of nicotine-dependent customers.

Last week, the CDC reported that vaping-related deaths in the U.S. had increased to 26 people, with nearly 1,300 serious injuries. Most of the confirmed cases are among people who reported using THC vape products, but some victims reported only using nicotine vape products.

Source: Juul facing wrongful death suit linked to its products

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