Yet another lawsuit has been filed against Real Water Inc. as the number of people who developed liver failure continues to grow.

On March 18, a lawsuit was filed by lawyers representing a man from Nevada who drank Real Water® alkaline water before suffering “acute liver failure.”

Once hospitalized, the man was informed that he was a candidate for an immediate liver transplant — but fortunately, he recovered when he stopped drinking the water, lawyers said.

Last week, Real Water President Brent Jones asked retailers to pull Real Water® alkaline water off store shelves “effective immediately.”

The FDA also warned consumers, restaurants and retailers not to drink, cook with, sell or serve Real Water while they investigate.

Health officials alerted the public about 5 children who were hospitalized with acute non-viral hepatitis, which causes liver failure, back in November 2020. At least 6 other people had less serious symptoms.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal also reported that a generally healthy 69-year-old woman suddenly died from aspirated pneumonia and liver failure on November 11, 2020, after years of avidly drinking up to 64-ounces of Real Water a day, according to her sister.

On March 16, the first Real Water lawsuit was filed by a family in Las Vegas who fell ill, including a 2-year-old boy and his father who were hospitalized due to severe liver problems.

Real Water Inc. claims that its water has a pH of 9.0. The company refers to unproven health benefits, and suggests drinking the water leads to “increased cellular hydration.”

Liver Failure Reports Are Rising in 'Real Water' Outbreak

Source: Real Water pulled from stores as more Nevadans report illnesses

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