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IV drip hanging on a pole in hospital

Choosing Alternative Medicine to Treat Cancer May Increase Death Risk by 5X: Study

Patients who chose alternative therapies to treat cancer instead of the recommended medical treatment may be significantly increasing their risk of death, a new study has found.

/ August 18, 2017

Cancer Death Rates Down 25% Since 1991

The death toll from cancer in the U.S. this year is projected to be 25% lower than a quarter-century ago, a decrease attributed to steady reductions in smoking rates and new breakthroughs in detection and treatment.

/ January 10, 2017
That Expensive New Cancer Drug Might Not Work

That Expensive New Cancer Drug Might Not Work

At least 50% of cancer drugs that were fast-tracked to patients by the FDA from 2008-2012 did not help them live longer or better lives. The most expensive drug also worsened quality of life. Even when these medications do not...

/ December 2, 2016