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Essure Birth Control Linked to 15,000 Adverse Events Last Year

Essure Birth Control Linked to 15,000 Adverse Events Last Year

Bayer's controversial sterilization implant Essure was linked to over 15,000 adverse event reports in 2019. The most common reports involved surgery to remove Essure, chronic pain, and menstrual irregularities.

/ April 30, 2020

Bayer Facing Over 18,000 Essure Lawsuits

Bayer is facing lawsuits from over 18,000 women who were injured by Essure, a controversial birth control implant that is linked to severe side effects.

/ January 10, 2019
FDA Restricts Sales of Essure Birth Control Implant

FDA Restricts Sales of Essure Birth Control Implant

The FDA restricted sales of Bayer's permanent sterilization birth control implant Essure after receiving more than 10,000 complaints.

/ April 11, 2018

Essure Birth Control Recalled in Australia

Bayer's permanent sterilization device Essure was recalled and pulled off the Australian market following numerous reports of severe injuries.

/ August 30, 2017
Essure FDA Warnings

Bayer Pulls Essure Sterilization Device Off Market in Canada

Bayer's controversial sterilization implant Essure will no longer be sold in Canada.

/ July 21, 2017
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FDA Reports 10,000 Essure Injuries and 30 Deaths

The FDA has updated their ongoing safety review of Essure, a permanent sterilization implant made by Bayer. Essure is now linked to more than 10,000 reports of serious injuries and dozens of deaths.

/ April 21, 2017
FDA Restricts Sales of Essure Birth Control Implant

Essure Recalled in Brazil Due to Safety Risks

Brazil has banned sales and recalled Essure, a non-surgical sterilization device linked to 10,000 injuries. No recalls have been issued by the FDA, despite 900 lawsuits and a massive grassroots campaign in the United States.

/ February 22, 2017
Essure FDA Warnings

Essure Safety Concerns Remain After FDA Updates Warnings

Thousands of women have spent years trying to get Essure off the market due to safety risks. Instead of a recall, FDA has strengthened warning labels and created an optional "Patient Decision" checklist.

/ November 24, 2016
Essure Warning FDA

FDA Finalizes Essure “Black Box” Warning Label

The FDA has recommended stronger warnings about the risks of Essure, a sterilization device made by Bayer that has been linked to over 9,900 reports of problems.

/ November 1, 2016
FDA Investigates Essure Safety Studies

FDA: No Evidence of Data Fraud in Essure Studies

The FDA found changes on the forms from the original clinical trials, but could not find evidence that they were purposely modified to reflect more favorably on Essure.

/ September 13, 2016