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Tattoo Removal Risks: FDA Consumer Update

FDA: No Evidence Tattoo Removal Creams Work

Removing a tattoo is not easy. It is very painful and the risks include scarring and infection. There are a few ways to remove a tattoo — but don't waste your money on tattoo removal creams because there is no...

/ June 27, 2017
Tattoo Ink Infection Lawyer

Bad Ink? You Might Want to Rethink That Tattoo

Federal safety officials are updating consumers on the risks of getting a tattoo after hundreds of infections, allergic reactions, and other injuries were reported. Some side effects may not appear for years.

/ May 11, 2017

Study Links Red Tattoo Ink and Cancer

Think twice before you get that rose or cherry tattoo. Red inks are linked to allergic reactions and even cancer.

/ July 27, 2016