Zofran Birth Defect Lawsuit

Experts Caution Against Using Zofran for Morning Sickness

Pregnancy experts have published updated guidelines for treating nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. They say the last resort should be Zofran, an anti-nausea drug that might cause birth defects like a "hole in the heart" or cleft palate.

/ December 23, 2016
WEN Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Sign Up to Join WEN Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Everyone who bought WEN or suffered hair loss has until April 28, 2017 to file a claim for $25 cash or up to $20,000 in compensation for hair loss. Here is how to join the class action and get your...

/ December 22, 2016
Florida Woman Files Bard G2® IVC Filter Lawsuit

Florida Woman Files Bard G2® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A woman who was injured by a blood clot-catching filter has filed a lawsuit against C.R. Bard, joining a litigation involving over 1,225 cases.

/ December 22, 2016

The 5 Best Apps of 2016

With more than 4 million software programs available in the Apple and Google app stores, it can be hard to tell which stand out from the rest. Here are five of the most innovative, must-have apps from 2016:

/ December 22, 2016
Aria Baby Stroller Recall for Injury Hazard

Aria Qbit Baby Strollers Recalled

Aria Child Inc. recalled 29,400 Qbit baby strollers because they can suddenly collapse or pinch a caregiver's hand during unfolding. At least 18 children and parents were injured by bumps, bruises, falls, broken bones, or cuts that needed stitches.

/ December 21, 2016
Lawsuits for Viagra and Cilalis Melanoma

Cialis Melanoma Lawsuits Centralized in Viagra MDL

Lawsuits involving men who developed melanoma (skin cancer) after taking the erectile-dysfunction drug Cialis have been centralized in one federal court, along with nearly 250 Viagra lawsuits.

/ December 21, 2016

EPA Study Confirms Fracking Contaminates Drinking Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its highly anticipated final report on hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” confirming that the drilling process may contaminate drinking water "under some circumstances."

/ December 21, 2016
Lawyer for vena cava blood clot filter side effects.

Pennsylvania Woman Files Option ELITE® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed by a woman who required multiple procedures to remove a blood clot-catching filter that became trapped in her body.

/ December 20, 2016
Generic Drug Conspiracy Lawsuit

Generic Drug-Makers Charged in Illegal Price-Fixing Scheme

A federal antitrust lawsuit has found a widespread conspiracy in the generic drug industry to illegally reduce competition and boost prices on life-saving medications like antibiotics and diabetes drugs.

/ December 20, 2016

Want to Live Forever Through Technology? There’s an App for That.

We all die sooner or later, leaving behind family and friends with a few precious memories, which are then eventually erased when our loved ones pass away. But what if you could be remembered forever?

/ December 20, 2016