Clinton accepted $164,315 in donations from big pharma during the first six months of her campaign, far more than all of her rivals, according to an analysis by Stat News.

Most of the donations were from individual donors with ties to drug companies, as well as some political action committee (PAC) contributions. The donors also include two senior executives from a firm that recently imposed a massive price increase on one of its medications.

Ironically, Clinton took the money as she unveiled a plan to combat rising drug prices by enforcing stricter pharmaceutical regulations. In last week’s presidential debate, Clinton said she considered big pharma to be an enemy she is proud to have made during her political tenure.

Last month, a poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that nearly 80% of people in the U.S. believe drug prices are unreasonably high. And given the recent scandals over Daraprim (pyrimethamine) and the EpiPen auto-injector, it’s easy to see why Americans are unhappy.

Source: The Daily Caller

Posted by Ray Simon

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