United Exchange Corp. issued a recall for Rugby® Eye Irrigating Solution and Major® Eye Wash on September 6. On September 7, another recall was issued for Family Care® Eye Wash in 4-oz (118mL) bottles.

No illnesses have been reported. The manufacturer learned about the problem after receiving a complaint.

Anyone who experienced an eye infection should report it to the FDA. According to the agency:

Use of a contaminated product could be calamitous for any population since there is a reasonable probability of a potentially sight threatening eye infection.”

Eyewash is supposed to contain purified water. It is used to relieve itching, remove foreign objects, or flush out chemicals.

Eye infections can occur on the surface of the eyeball, inside the eyes, or on tissues surrounding the eyes (called conjunctiva). In severe cases, infections cause scarring and permanent vision loss or blindness.

The symptoms of an eye infection include redness, eye pain, discharge, watery eyes, itching, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, and vision loss.

List of Recalled Products

Lot# Expiration UPC Number
G15901 07/31/2018 780707005828
G15902 07/31/2018 780707005828
G15903 07/31/2018 780707005828
G15904 07/31/2018 780707005828
G16909 05/30/2019 780707005828
Product Description NDC Number Lot Number Expiration Date
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G15905 2018.10
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G15906 2018.10
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G15907 2018.10
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G15910 2018.11
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G15911 2018.11
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G15912 2018.11
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G16901 2019.01
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G16902 2019.01
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G16903 2019.01
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G16905 2019.02
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G16906 2019.02
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G16907 2019.02
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G16910 2019.03
Major EyeWash 0904-6491-20 G16911 2019.03
Rugby EyeWash 0536-1083-97 G15908 2018.10
Rugby EyeWash 0536-1083-97 G15909 2018.11
Rugby EyeWash 0536-1083-97 G16904 2019.01
Rugby EyeWash 0536-1083-97 G16908 2019.02
Rugby EyeWash 0536-1083-97 G16912 2019.03
Rugby EyeWash 0536-1083-97 G16913 2019.03

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  1. I have been using this eye wash and I have all the symptoms. The thing is before I found out about the recall I kept using it because I just needed to use it more. I stopped using it when I got the news in a letter. I went to an eye doctor and he has been giving me different kinds of eye drops to try and come back and no change my eyes still water, burn at times, blurry and light sensitive. What should I do?

    1. Contact a lawyer at Schmidt & Clark, LLP – http://www.schmidtandclark.com

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