Tristar Products Inc., is facing at least 20 lawsuits and class actions involving people who were severely burned when their Power Pressure Cooker XL exploded when they opened the lid.

The problem is that Tristar advertised “safety features” on the Power Pressure Cooker XL and specifically stated that the lid could not be opened when there was still pressure in the pot.

Just watch this YouTube video from Tristar products, in which a spokesman promises the lid won’t come off:

The spokesman says, “People worry that the lid might come off. It won’t. The lid on the Power Pressure Cooker XL can only come off if there’s no pressure left inside the pot. And remember, if there is pressure present inside the pot, the lid will stay securely closed so you don’t have to worry.”

Despite these advertising claims, dozens of people have been burned because they were able to rotate and open the lid of their Power Pressure Cooker XL while there was still a dangerous amount of built-up pressure inside the pot, resulting in an explosion of food and steam at 250ºF.

The latest lawsuit was filed by the law firm Johnson-Becker PLLC on behalf of a group of 6 people who all suffered burn injuries in separate incidents involving a Power Pressure Cooker XL.

Lawyers accuse Tristar of putting profits ahead of safety by continuing to sell a dangerous product, failing to warn consumers, failing to fix safety problems, and failing to issue a recall. According to the lawsuit:

The lid of the Pressure Cooker is removable with pressure, heat and steam still inside the unit. When the lid is removed under such circumstances, the pressure trapped within the unit causes the scalding hot contents to be projected from the unit and into the surrounding area, including onto the unsuspecting consumers, their families, and bystanders.”

All of the 6 victims opened the lid while the cooker was pressurized, despite the appearance that the pressure had been released.

1st Group Lawsuit Filed for Power Pressure Cooker Explosions

Tristar Power Pressure Cooker XL

Kenneth C., a resident of Arkansas, was given a new Power Pressure Cooker XL in December 2016. In July 2017, he suffered serious burns when the pressure cooker exploded.

Joshua H., a resident of South Carolina, was seriously burned by a Power Pressure Cooker XL explosion in January 2017. The incident occurred as a result of the failure of the cooker’s “built-in safety features” to keep the lid locked when it was under pressure.

Destinee M., a resident of Texas, suffered substantial burn injuries in August 2017 when her Power Pressure Cooker XL exploded after she opened the lid when it was still under pressure. She alleges that the incident occurred as a result of Tristar’s failure to redesign the cooker.

Kerrie S., a resident of California, was burned in June 2017 despite using the Power Pressure Cooker XL as instructed. It exploded hot food all over her body because she was able to open the lid when it was still dangerously pressurized.

Brandon S., a resident of Michigan, suffered burn injuries in May 2017 when he opened the lid and his Power Pressure Cooker XL exploded. He accuses Tristar of continuing to sell a dangerous product, despite the existence of economical and safer alternative designs.

Jarrod T., a resident of Minnesota, bought a new Power Pressure Cooker XL in April 2015. In October 2016, he suffered substantial burn injuries because he opened the lid when it was still under pressure, resulting in a forceful explosion of boiling-hot food all over his body.

The plaintiffs are represented by attorneys Michael K. Johnson, Esq., Kenneth W. Pearson, Esq., and Adam J. Kress, Esq. of the law firm of Johnson-Becker, PLLC in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The plaintiffs are also represented by attorney James R. Ronca, Esq. of Anapol Weiss in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The lawsuit was filed on September 19, 2017 in the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas— In Re: Kenneth Christian, et al. v. Tristar Products Inc.Case ID: 170902183.

Scales of JusticeEditor’s note: For more information on pressure cooker lawsuits and your legal rights, please contact Johnson Becker, PLLC. The firm is currently evaluating exploding pressure cooker cases in all 50 states.

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