Product Availability​ Update

Updated: March 31,  2017

We are manufacturing and shipping all USSTC products, with the exception of Skoal Bandits (which we are working to return to market as quickly as possible). Demand for some of USSTC’s products is currently exceeding production capability. This might result in limited availability at your local store. Our goal over the next few weeks is to have our brands available with no further disruption. Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

Verify if a product is included in the recall or request a refund.​​​​


USSTC issued the recall after receiving multiple complaints of metal objects in cans manufactured at its plant in Franklin Park, Illinois. The products were distributed across the U.S., and the complaints made to date have come from consumers in Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

“We also are working closely with federal authorities to investigate,” said Brian W. Quigley, president and CEO of U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company. “We appreciate our consumers’ patience and loyalty while we work through this matter.”

Products affected by the recall include:

  • Long Cut Straight

Recall applies to lots with no printed code on the bottom of the can, or with codes that begin with the letters “F”, “R”, “K”, or “P”.


  • Extra Long Cut Natural
  • Long Cut Mint
  • Long Cut Southern Blend
  • Pouch Mint
  • Pouch Wintergreen
  • Long Cut (overseas military only)
  • Fine Cut (overseas military only)
  • Long Cut Straight (overseas military only)
  • Long Cut Wintergreen (overseas military only)
  • Pouch (overseas military only)
  • Fine Cut Plastic Can (only available in Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Long Cut Plastic Can (only available in Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Pouch Plastic Can (only available in Alaska and Hawaii)

Recall applies to lots with no printed code on the bottom of the can, or with codes that begin with the letters “F”, “R”, “K”, or “P”.


  • Fine Cut Natural
  • Long Cut Straight
  • Long Cut Wintergreen

Recall applies to lots with no printed code on the bottom of the can, or with codes that begin with the letters “F”, “R”, “K”, or “P”.


  • Bandit Mint
  • Bandit Wintergreen
  • Long Cut Apple Tobacco Blend
  • Long Cut Berry Tobacco Blend
  • Long Cut Cherry
  • Long Cut Citrus Tobacco Blend
  • Long Cut Classic
  • Long Cut Peach Tobacco Blend
  • Long Cut Spearmint
  • Pouch Apple Tobacco Blend
  • Pouch Berry Tobacco Blend
  • Pouch Berry Tobacco Blend
  • Pouch Citrus Tobacco Blend
  • Snus Mint
  • Snus Smooth Mint
  • Xtra Long Cut Mint
  • Xtra Long Cut Rich Tobacco Blend
  • Xtra Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Xtra Pouch Crisp Tobacco Blend
  • Xtra Pouch Mint Blend
  • Xtra Pouch Rich Tobacco Blend
  • Fine Cut Wintergreen (overseas military only)
  • Long Cut Mint (overseas military only)
  • Long Cut Straight (overseas military only)
  • Long Cut Wintergreen (overseas military only)
  • Pouch Mint (overseas military only)
  • Pouch Wintergreen (overseas military only)

Recall applies to lots with no printed code on the bottom of the can, or with codes that begin with the letters “F”, “R”, “K”, or “P”.

Consumers who purchased any of these affected products should not open or use them, and contact U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company at 1-866-201-9136 for a full refund.

To date, no injuries have been reported in connection with this recall.

Source: Fortune

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  1. Bernard Eckerman February 9, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Help, I just found the message from you, on my phone, about the recall. My tube of Copenhagen fine cut, with the code starting with K is a definite worry.
    I was nervous and somehow deleted your message on my phone, I need to speak to you or please e-mail me as soon as you can. What is your 1-800 number.

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    1. Same here but for Idaho. I need my copenhagen mint!

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  3. Not happy. Expect quality you no use sensors to detect metal?

  4. When will replacements be out? I.v looked for husky all over .

  5. How much longer till we get them back on shelve fir sale ?

  6. When is Copenhagen southern blend going to be available in Arkansas. You guys are killing me.

  7. When will it be available again

    1. planitary plumber May 24, 2017 at 9:32 am

      when is the skoal mint bandits pouches going to be on shelves at Sacramento area again i had to change to Camel Snus pouches for now . It would be wonderful if all customers world wide and businesses are notified when your issue is resolved soon so i really miss this product so if you can speed up the process that would be great im patciently waiting the return of the mint poches for now thanks .

  8. When is the long cut Spearment Skoal going to be back in Texas?

  9. when will yous be stocking the shelves again with skoal

  10. Why can’t we just take them back to where we bought the product???

  11. When is Copenhagen mint pouches gonna be back in Arizona

  12. Well at least it was caught before someone got hurt. I guess I’ll need too find an alternative brand and/or flavor.

  13. I have 2 cans I have been using both are on the recall. Should I get a lawyer or can you contact me shanesaade75@gmail. Com

  14. Get it fixed an back out asap.please an thank you. Or give us all magnets eather way just getter done

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  18. Well I’ve been chewing for 30 plus years. I’m a member of the Skol on lime gig and I don’t even get an email? Now I look and the can I’m ALMOST threw with is one of the affected cans? And I’ve been chewing from the roll? I guess it’s about time to quit! Thanks for not reaching out!

  19. When is Copenhagen snuff going to be back in h Hawaii?

  20. I’ve been chewing shoal speriment for 25 years always hard to find around the ny area. Would be nice to have some coupons to compensate the cost of gas for being a loyal customer.

  21. When is Copenhagen snuff going to be back to Canada Nunavut.

  22. you say they should start being on the shelves by your stated date. Yet I haven’t seen any on the shelf’s. Very upsetting. please send me a bunch of coupons I could you’s for me going throw my withdraws. I buy logs at a time.

  23. Copenhagen snuff when will it become available in Alberta Canada
    Southern Alberta area

  24. Tony O'Daniels (Concerned) February 17, 2017 at 7:41 am

    When in god’s good name will skoal citrus blend longcut be available again in the south/North Carolina area. This is getting flipping ridiculous. Just pop those metal jokers out of the skoal and we can all go on our merry way. This has gone on for way to long now.

    -A very concerned Tony from Clover, SC

  25. When will copenhagen snuff be back on shelves

  26. when will copenhagen snuff be back in Alberta ftmcmurray?

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    Everything else is out and has been out for some time…yet, no Bandits…

  34. Been a loyal customer for 30+ years. I recieve coupons in mail and havent been able to use them for rich blend pouches because of the recall. Will there be any kind of compensation when this is fixed???

  35. With the skoal wintergreen extra pouches, I’ve enjoyed your product and the pouches don’t irritate my gums like the regular skoal pouches do. Hope you can put this product back on the market soon. (sorry about your misfortune).

  36. I would like to know when is the skoal rich blend going to come back in claremont n.c

  37. Dianne Schibley June 21, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    When are skoal bandits going to be in New York. My zip is 13165

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