Baby Organic Liquid is only supposed to be given to infants if it is first mixed with breastmilk or formula and thinned to a safe consistency. It is not supposed to be administered directly into the infant’s mouth.

The problem is that the original label instructed parents: “Do not insert syringe directly in mouth. Dispense liquid slowly into the mouth, toward the inner cheek. May be mixed with breast milk or formula.”

The recall was issued after parents complained about having difficulties administering the product. No hospitalizations or similar injuries were reported, but a recall was issued as a precaution to clarify the instructions.

The ingredients are safe, but according to the FDA:

Garden of Life is recalling the product to relabel it with new instructions, advising parents to only administer the product by mixing in either breast milk or formula and not to administer directly into the infant’s mouth.”

Garden of Life is asking anyone who purchased Baby Organic Liquid to return the product to the store for a full refund.

The product was only sold in the U.S. at a limited number of natural grocery stores, health food stores, and online.

The recall involves the following products:

Product Name Lot Number Exp. Date
Baby Organic Liquid
UPC No. 58010 12073
5487617 12/2018
5487717 12/2018
5487817 12/2018
5500817 12/2018

Dr. Formulated Baby Organic Liquid Recalled

Source: Baby Organic Liquid Formula by Garden of Life: Recall – Directions For Use May Be Misinterpreted

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