The answer depends on who you are as a consumer and what you’re looking for in a smartphone. It goes without saying that the iPhone X is a premium device and it’s not for everyone. Most people will never need most of the bells and whistles Apple uses to justify the exorbitant cost of the X. However, in the scheme of things, the iPhone X isn’t all that ridiculously priced considering what you get.

The most obvious of the mind-blowing features of the new iPhone is the OLED screen, which is rumored to be “the most stunning smartphone screen ever,” according to tech geeks at The Verge. Apple copied OLED’s edge-to-edge display from Android devices, including the Xiaomi Mi Mix and Samsung Galaxy S8. Other technological wizardry offered by the iPhone X includes a new facial recognition system called Face ID, and a front-facing TrueDepth camera which enables cartoon animals called “Animojis” to replicate your facial movements, expressions, and speech. How any of us ever lived without that is beyond me.

If you buy the iPhone X through Apple’s Iphone Upgrade Plan, a brand new 64GB device will cost you about $49.91 per month. If you want to max out your storage at 256GB, the X is about $56.16 a month, which is pretty reasonable for the latest, greatest smartphone in the universe.

A good rule of thumb when buying a smartphone is to always purchase the best product you can afford. For better or worse, smartphones have become an indispensable component of everyday life, and for many people the only thing they use all day, everyday. So don’t feel bad when shelling out the extra green for an iPhone X. It’s a worthy investment for a product you can’t live without.

Source: Wired

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