A woman from Miami Gardens, Florida was severely burned when a pressure cooker exploded as she was making dinner.

The 37 year-old mother was cooking rice and beans in a pressure cooker at her home in May 2017 when it exploded. Neighbors heard her screaming and came to help.

The woman was airlifted by helicopter to the burn unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital. She is expected to recover.

There have been other pressure cooker explosions in South Florida in recent years, including a 2 year-old girl from Fort Lauderdale who was burned on over 60% of her body and had her leg amputated in 2015. According to mother Veronica Owen:

I feel like I need to be a little more careful because I take it for granted that my kids have never really come close to the pressure cooker and been afraid of it.”

Detectives said a family member was using the pressure cooker to make dinner and the 2 year-old child, Samantha Gonzalez, was severely burned when boiling-hot steam and liquid overflowed.

Gonzalez was hospitalized for 3 weeks and required several surgeries. Her burns were so severe that her kidneys and liver were failing. Her hands and arms were also severely burned.

In another incident in November 2015, a man from Florida was knocked unconscious when his pressure cooker exploded. Witnesses said they heard a “boom” and saw the man, Pablo Nunez, had been hit in the head with the handle of the pressure cooker. The pot exploded through a wall and the metal lid embedded in the ceiling.

Incidents of pressure cooker explosions have raised safety concerns about top-selling pressure cookers, including the “As Seen on TV” Power Pressure Cooker XL and other models manufactured by Crofton, Wolfgang Puck, Fagor America, Tabletops Unlimited, Maxi-Matic, Tristar Products, and more.

Source: Woman burned after pressure cooker explodes at Miami Gardens home

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