The first lawsuit has been filed against El Toro Mexican restaurant after 434 people were infected with Norovirus.

The lawsuit was filed in Pierce County Superior Court on behalf of Ericka Cecchi, a woman from Tacoma, Washington.

The lawsuit alleges that Cecchi fell ill after eating chips, salsa, and a steak fajita at the El Toro restaurant on January 2 with her girlfriend.

A couple days later, she began experiencing nausea, abdominal cramps, and then more symptoms appeared — vomiting, fever, chills, and a headache. She went to the doctor and tested positive for Norovirus, according to the complaint.

She claims that some of the symptoms continued for 10 days after eating at El Toro.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department reports that laboratory tests have confirmed that there was an outbreak of Norovirus at the El Toro located in Tacoma, but a separate outbreak is only suspected at the El Toro located in University Place.

Both locations were temporarily closed, but have resumed operations after being cleaned and sanitized, according to health officials.

The outbreak of Norovirus infected at least 391 people who ate at the El Toro in Tacoma. Up to 15 other people reported symptoms of Norovirus after eating at the University Place El Toro.

Source: First lawsuit filed in Tacoma El Toro Norovirus outbreak

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