Toyota was careful to point out that the recall only applies to the automatic Corolla, because the “Direct Shift-CVT” transmission is not equipped in the manual version.

The problem likely stems from a manufacturing defect that causes the blades of the pump impeller in the torque converter to detach, causing damage to the torque converter and potential loss of engine power.

The new CVT tranny, which will also power the 2020 Corolla Sedan, is a totally new design that consists of a single launch gear attached to a continuously variable transmission. Using a gear when first starting out is more efficient than relying solely on the CVT, which uses a smaller pulley that improves reaction times at higher speeds.

Needless to say, though, the torque converter didn’t detach during that drive. Toyota is apparently in the process of obtaining new parts, so it can put new transmissions in all the affected cars. Toyota does not detail whether any crashes or injuries have resulted as a consequence of this issue yet.

The recall affects about 3,400 Corollas all told. The automaker stayed mum on whether the problem has caused any accidents or injuries.

Source: Autoblog

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