The first victim is a woman who was a subject in a study at USC in 1988, which required 2 gynecological exams in order to participate.

During the 2 exams, she claims that Tyndall forced her to get completely naked and lay on an exam table, where he leered at her exposed breasts, touched her vagina, and made sexual comments. Then he forced his ungloved fingers into her vagina, causing pain.

In November 1988, she submitted a written complaint against USC Medical Center. In her complaint, she unambiguously stated:

I did not understand the doctor’s behavior and language toward me which was startling and offensive, and I left feeling as though I had been molested and mistreated during my exams.”

The woman received no response to her written complaint. USC is now accused of ignoring dozens of complaints about Tyndall, allowing him to continue having unfettered access to young women for abuse.

The second victim is a woman who had her first-ever gynecological exam in 2013. She claims that Tyndall forced her to get completely naked to be checked head-to-toe for “moles.”

During the exam, he groped her breasts with his ungloved hands. He then inserted two ungloved fingers into her vagina to “test” if a speculum would fit while making lewd sexual comments about the tightness of her vagina.

The third victim is a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by Tyndall during two gynecological exams in 2013 and 2016.

In one exam, he forced her to get completely naked for a “mole” check and groped her breasts with ungloved hands while making lewd comments. In both exams, he shoved his ungloved fingers into her vagina while making sexually abusive comments about her vagina.

Many of the victims trusted that Tyndall was performing legitimate medical treatment because he was a doctor. It was not until May 2018, when Tyndall’s sexual abuse scandal was nationally publicized, that the victims realized they had been assaulted for his sexual gratification.

USC is accused of actively suppressing and ignoring numerous complaints of Tyndall’s sexual abuse dating back to at least 1988. The abuses continued for decades and did not end until June 2017, when USC allowed Tyndall to resign with a financial settlement.

The victims are seeking financial compensation for sexual abuse, harassment, molestation, discrimination and civil rights violations.

The lawsuit was filed on May 29, 2018 in the Superior Court of the State of California (Los Angeles County) — In RE: Jane Doe 11, et al. v. Dr. George Tyndall, et al.Case No. BC707880.

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To learn more about the USC sexual abuse lawsuit, please click the link below.


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