CAS is demanding that Ford issue a comprehensive recall for all Explorers manufactured from 2011 to 2017. “With something this potentially dangerous, the responsible step is a full recall and if Ford will not do it, NHTSA should step in,” the nonprofit wrote in a statement.

A high performance version of the Explorer designed specifically for use by Police and other law enforcement personnel is currently being recalled nationwide due to a similar problem, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Responding to the Center for Auto Safety’s query, Ford has offered to inspect and repair affected vehicles at no cost to owners, but is reluctant to admit to the watchdog’s allegations.

“Our investigation has not found carbon monoxide levels that exceed what people are exposed to everyday,” said Ford spokesman Mike Levine. “While we continuously evaluate our processes for potential improvements, we are confident in our current methods for quickly identifying and addressing potential vehicle issues.”

Ford has remained mum on whether it will announce an official recall over the issue, but if Levine’s words are any indication, the automaker is likely to exhaust less costly fixes in the interim.

Source: ABC 13

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