The crashes linked to the Britax BOB Jogging Stroller sound more like carnage on a NASCAR track, as some of the carriages’ front wheels fell off, causing the stroller to careen and even flip over in some cases. Injuries associated with these accidents included smashed teeth, broken bones, torn ligaments, and gashed faces.

CPSC is aware of at least 200 reports of spontaneous failure of the stroller wheel, which resulted in nearly 100 injuries to both child passengers and adult joggers between 2012 and 2018. Upon investigating these accidents, CPSC decided in 2017 that the stroller was unsafe and should be recalled.

However, Britax initially refused to recall the BOB jogging stroller, maintaining that it was safe when used as instructed and met industry standards for safety.

CPSC refused to back down, and in Feb. 2018 filed a lawsuit to force a recall on the stroller, but still Britax kept fighting. This is highly unusual, as manufacturers are typically eager to do whatever is quickest and easiest to avoid public disputes with federal health regulators.

But the leadership of the safety agency was about to change, And that meant Britax might not have to recall the BOB after all. Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Source: Washington Post

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