Firms recalling the buds include The Green Mile in Detroit (products sold from Dec. 18 to Jan. 3), Compassionate Care by Design (Dec. 12 thru Dec. 29), and HG Lansing in Kalamazoo (Dec. 27 thru Dec. 30). The actions mark the second recall in a week.

The reason for the recalls, according to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, was that some of the mary jane failed laboratory testing for a variety of reasons including yeast and mold results, chemical residue, bacteria, E. coli, Salmonella and coliforms.

The companies are required by law to notify patrons who purchased the recalled sticky icky.

Last week, the state announced a voluntary recall by Choice Labs in Jackson on five medical marijuana products that had been supplied to provisioning centers without laboratory testing.

Patients who received the following products from The Green Mile in Detroit should return them to the provisioning center:

    • Gelato; License No. 1A405010000076E000000140
    • Superman OG; License No. 1A405010000076E000000141
    • Mimosa; License No. 1A405010000076E000000125
    • Girl Scout Cookies; License No. 1A405010000076E000000126

Patients who received the following products from Compassionate Care by Design in Kalamazoo should return them to the provisioning center:

  • Critical Cali; License No. 1A4040100000515000000014
  • GMO; License No. 1A4040100000515000000015
  • Silver Haze; License No. 1A4040100000515000000016
  • GSC; License No. 1A4040100000515000000017
  • Critical Kush; License No. 1A4040100000515000000018
  • Blueberry; License No. 1A4040100000515000000019
  • Skunk #1; License No. 1A4040100000515000000020
  • Chunk D; License No. 1A4040100000515000000021
  • Amnesia Lemon Kush; License No. 1A4040100000515000000022
  • Special Kush; License No. 1A4040100000515000000023
  • Purple Punch; License No. 1A4040100000515000000024

Patients who received the following products from HG Lansing should return them to the provisioning center:

  • Citrix; License No. 1A4050100000F3D000000009
  • Gelato; License No. 1A4050100000F3D000000010
  • Green Crack; License No. 1A4050100000F3D000000008
  • Oreoz; License No. 1A4050100000F3D000000023

Source: The Detroit News

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