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Sticky Icky Recalled for Failing Tests in Detroit, Kalamazoo

Medical marijuana products sold in two Michigan cities are being recalled after samples failed laboratory testing, according to The Detroit News.

/ January 12, 2019
Cannabis Buds

Legal Pot Recalled After Sacramento Lab Accused of Faking Pesticide Test Results

Cannabis vendors across California may have to destroy millions in marijuana due to a recall issued over a Sacramento lab that allegedly falsified test results.

/ December 28, 2018

Nevada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana in Latest Vice to Attract Tourists

Nevada legalized possession of recreational marijuana on Saturday, nearly eight months after residents voted in favor of legalizing retail cannabis sales.

/ July 3, 2017

Marijuana Medicine: How Pot Can Help Treat Substance Abuse, Mental Health Disorders

Despite what your grandmother told you about marijuana being a “gateway drug” that can lead to more harmful substances, a new study has found that medical cannabis may have quite the opposite effect.

/ November 17, 2016

Fentanyl Drug-Maker Donates $500K to Stop Pot Legalization

The biggest donor against the legalization of marijuana in Arizona is a pharmaceutical company that makes the highly-addictive painkiller Fentanyl and two synthetic cannabis products.

/ September 9, 2016