The recall affects nearly 30 companies that did business with Sacramento-based Sequoia Analytical Lab, whose inspector is being accused of not performing mandatory pesticide tests for at least the better half of this year, according to the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC). The lab’s director, Marc Foster, has been forced to surrender his business license as a result of these issues.

BCC said that over 800 batches may have been affected by Sequoia Analytical’s alleged negligence. Distributors have been instructed to contact retailers and ask them to return the affected batches for re-sampling and re-testing by another lab. A single batch of the dank can weigh up to 50 Ps.

Firms hit hardest by these events include BSeen Distribution and Connected Management, both of which had over 200 batches tested by Sequoia.

BSeen Distribution CEO Tom Fortunato told Marijuana Business Daily that their vendors have been notified and approved for retesting by other labs.

“We work with a lot of vendors here, both big box and artisan type,” Fortunato said. “And this has been pretty painful for some of our smaller vendors.”

Source: KPIX 5 – CBS

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