The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning parents and caregivers not to use Otteroo® infant flotation rings due to a deadly drowning hazard.

The warning applies to current models of the Otteroo baby floats, including LUMI and MINI rings, as well as discontinued models like the Otteroo Version 1 (sold from 2014 until a recall in 2015 due to a risk of drowning) and Otteroo Version 2 (sold from 2015 through 2018).

Safety officials evaluated the Otteroo infant flotation rings and found that they can “deflate during use or storage, causing the child occupant to slide out of the product into the water, which can lead to serious injury or death.”

There were 68 incidents where babies slipped out of the ring and had to be immediately rescued by a caregiver.

Tragically, one infant death was reported, when a 6-month-old baby in Maine slipped out of the ring and drowned. Another 3-month-old baby nearly died in a similar incident, but suffered a “serious injury.”

Otteroo has refused to agree to CPSC’s request for an acceptable recall, according to the safety warning.

CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka also issued this statement:

“Stop using Otteroo infant floatation rings and dispose of them immediately. CPSC is aware of at least 68 incidents in which a baby’s head slipped through a partially deflated Otteroo during bath time and the baby needed to be rescued to avoid drowning. Sadly, we know that one infant died from drowning; another was seriously injured.”

Otteroo Corporation has been selling the Otteroo since 2014. The product is an inflatable plastic ring that goes around a baby’s neck to help them float in a bathtub or pool.

The device poses obvious safety hazards, including drowning, near drowning, brain damage due to a lack of oxygen, disability, and death.

Otteroo Baby Floats Linked to Infant Death, Serious Injury

Otteroo Baby Floats Linked to Infant Death, Serious Injury

Source: CPSC Warning: Stop Using Otteroo LUMI and MINI Infant Flotation Rings Due to Drowning Hazard; One Infant Death Reported

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