Dr. Berne’s has expanded a recall for eye drops after multiple infections were reported.

The eye drops may be contaminated with bacteria and fungal organisms, which could cause an eye infection or spread in the body and cause death. Two injuries were reported, according to the FDA.

The recall involves all lots of the following eye drops:

  • Dr. Berne’s MSM DROPS 5%
  • Dr. Berne’s MSM DROPS 15% Solution
  • Dr. Berne’s Organic Castor Oil Eye Drops
  • Dr. Berne’s MSM MIST 15% Solution

The recall was issued after FDA tests found that Lot #6786 of Dr. Bern’s MSM MIST 15% Solution was contaminated with the fungus Exophiala and the bacteria Bacillus.

According to the FDA warning on August 22:

“Using contaminated eye drops could result in minor to serious vision-threatening infection which could possibly progress to a life-threatening infection.”

The FDA also warned that LightEyez MSM Eye Drops were contamianted with multiple species of bacteria, including Pseudomonas.

The warning comes just a few months after another brand of eye drops, EzriCare Artificial Tears, were linked to a deadly outbreak of infections, with at least 55 victims in 12 states, including 4 people who died.

In addition, more than a dozen people suffered permanent vision loss or blindness, including 4 people who had surgery to remove their eye.

Patients who used the recalled eye drops should seek emergency medical attention if they develop symptoms of an eye infection, which may include eye discharge (yellow, green or clear), eye pain or discomfort, redness, blurry vision, very itchy eyes, and more.

Source: Dr. Berne’s Whole Health Products Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Dr. Berne’s MSM Drops 5% and 15% Solution Eye Drops Due to Bacterial and Fungal Contamination

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