Consumer Reports has sent a letter urging the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to push for a recall of two bedside bassinets that can tilt and cause babies to suffocate.

The warning involves the Kids2 Ingenuity Dream & Grow Bedside Bassinet and the Halo BassiNest Flex Portable Bassinet.

These bassinets have a cantilevered design, meaning they only have supports on one side. This design can be hazardous because the bassinet can tilt and cause babies to roll over and suffocate.

Since 2019, at least 5 infant deaths have been linked to various brands of cantilevered bassinets, according to Consumer Reports.

An investigation also identified at least two infant deaths linked to the Ingenuity Bedside Bassinet. In both cases, the infants were put to sleep on their back, but later found on their stomach.

Investigators also found hundreds of reports of the bassinets not staying level and causing the baby to roll over.

The problem poses a life-threatening safety hazard if babies roll over and get trapped with their face pressed against the mattress or the side wall of the bassinet.

According to Consumer Reports, “These two bassinets make it difficult for babies not to roll over while they sleep because the bassinets will not stay level. Major retailers including Amazon, Target, and Walmart sell these products.”

Source: Consumer Reports Urges Recall of Ingenuity and Halo Bassinets Linked to Baby Suffocation Risks

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