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Thousands of Fireworks Recalled in Midwest After Boy Loses Hand

Thousands of fireworks sold in the Midwest have been recalled after an 8 year-old boy lost his hand when one of the fireworks exploded.

/ July 3, 2019
Surprise Fountain

Jumbo Fireworks Recalled for Pyrotechnic Injury Risk

The Jumbo Fireworks "Surprise Fountain" was recalled because it contains an illegal amount of pyrotechnics and it is not a fountain — it explodes like a M-80 or other big firecracker, in violation of federal law.

/ December 20, 2017
'Serious Spinout' Fireworks Recalled for Injury Hazard

‘Serious Spinout’ Fireworks Recalled for Injury Hazard

Fireworks Over America is recalling all Serious Spinout multi-effect fireworks because they can tip over and fire shells at bystanders.

/ September 22, 2017