The recalled fireworks are overloaded with pyrotechnics intended to produce an audible effect, in violation the federal regulatory standard.

“Overloaded fireworks can result in a greater than expected explosion, posing explosion and burn hazards to consumers.”

An 8 year-old boy and a 12 year-old boy found the broken end of a Talon rocket, lit it and were hurt. The 8 year-old boy lost his hand.

Police in Oxford, Ohio and the ATF investigated these fireworks and worked with CPSC to initiate the recalls.

The first recall involves about 25,000 fireworks that were sold by Grandma’s Fireworks in West College Corner, Indiana from January 2009 through April 2019:

  • Clown® Rise in the East (CL1000)
  • Safe Cracker
  • Angry Elf
  • Mamba
  • Crazy King (KF0168)
  • POW!
  • Bang
  • Crazy Robot Flowers (BW500)
  • Frog Balls (FB5015)
  • Dragon Artillery (W515B)
  • Small Festival Balls (N1000)
  • Cock Rises! (FF5001)
  • Sammy’s Best
  • Katherine’s Catapult (PF402)
  • Clown® Heavy Bomber (GX6502)
  • Multiple Rocket
  • Talon
  • Block Buster

Patriot Pyrotechnics also recalled about 11,000 fireworks sold under 22 different brands in Sheridan, Michigan from January 2017 through July 2018:

  • Clown® Dog Rules 30 Shot Cake
  • Clown® Bite Me 25 Shot Cake
  • Clown® Buster Sword 100 Shot Cake
  • Clown® Echo of Freedom 25 Shot Cake
  • Clown® Man’s Best Friend Fireworks Cake
  • Clown® No Fooling Around 130 Shot Cake
  • Clown® Top Notch Fireworks Cake
  • Clown® Dog Don’t Stop Barking Artillery Shell 24 Pack
  • Clown® Wonder of Galaxy 100 Shot Cake
  • Horror Night Artillery 6-Pack
  • Thunder Star® American Hero 88 Shot Cake
  • Thunder Star® Romantic Aliens 100 Shot Cake
  • Thunder Start® Three’s A Charm Artillery Shell 6-Pack
  • Universal® Desperate Attempt 100 Shot Cake
  • Universal® Monkey Business 100 Shot Cake
  • Universal® Monkey Go Ape 100 Shot Cake
  • Universal® Monkey’s Revenge 25 Shot Cake
  • Universal® Outcast 49 Shot Cake
  • Universal® Godzilla Roars 36 Shot Cake
  • Universal® Monkey Planet® 100 Shot Cake
  • Universal® 1.25 inch Artillery Shell 18-pack
  • Windmill® Double Nuts and Triple Ripples Artillery Shell 24-pack

GS Fireworks recalled about 260 fireworks sold exclusively at GS Fireworks in Wyoming, Michigan from March 2018 through May 2018.

Keystone Fireworks also recalled about 1,660 of the G-Force Fireworks that were sold from November 2018 through May 2019 for about $60.

Fireworks were involved in approximately 9,100 injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments during 2018, according to an investigation by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Source: Thousands of fireworks sold throughout the Midwest recalled

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