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Dangerous Heart Surgery Infection May Not Appear for 7 Years

Lawyers are helping people who had open-heart surgery find out how to get tested for M. chimaera, a "blood-eating" bacteria that can take up to 7 years to cause symptoms of infection.

/ March 15, 2017
Fracking Earthquake Class Action

Oklahoma Town Hit By Earthquakes Sues Fracking Companies

An Oklahoma town hit by the largest earthquake in state history has filed a class action lawsuit accusing 27 energy companies of triggering the quakes by injecting fracking-wastewater on unstable fault-lines.

/ November 18, 2016
Heater-Cooler Infection FDA Warning

Open-Heart Surgery Device Linked to Deadly Infections

Did you recently have open-heart surgery? You may have been exposed to a deadly bacteria from a machine that kept you warm. The bacteria can take months or even years to cause symptoms.

/ October 13, 2016