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E-cigarette explosion

E-Cigarette Liquids May Pose Lung Disease Risk

Some e-cigarette flavors may be more dangerous than others, but it is hard for researchers to find out what goes into various "vape juices."

/ December 4, 2017

Growing Concern About Teens ‘Juuling’ in Schools

There's growing concern about a dangerous new trend among teens that most parents have never heard about. It's called "juuling," and students are smoking them in classrooms, at parties, and at home.

/ November 16, 2017
Bottom of recalled Firewood 4 vaporizer in unfinished walnut

Firewood 4 Vape Recalled for Fire Hazard

About 400 of the Firewood 4 vaporizers were recalled because an electrical short can cause the battery to catastrophically explode.

/ August 10, 2017
E-cigarette explosion

FDA Will Investigate E-Cig Battery Explosion Risk

There have been over 200 reports of e-cigarettes exploding when the lithium-ion batteries overheated. Just days ago, video cameras caught one exploding in the pocket of a man on a bus in California.

/ January 4, 2017
Flavored E-Cigarette Liquids May Be Hazardous

Flavored E-Cigarette Liquids May Be Hazardous

A new study has found that flavoring chemicals in e-cigarette liquids produce dangerous levels of carcinogens when they are vaped.

/ December 5, 2016