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Vena Cava Filter Lawyer in Texas

Nebraska Woman Files IVC Filter Lawsuit

C.R. Bard is facing around 1,500 lawsuits over Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filters. Many involve Bard's 1st or 2nd-generation filters, which studies estimate fracture in 40% of patients within just 5 years.

/ March 7, 2017

Bird Flu Outbreak Hits Tyson Chicken Supplier

More than 70,000 chickens have been destroyed at a farm in Tennessee that supplies Tyson Foods in response to an outbreak of lethal avian influenza.

/ March 7, 2017
Alabama IVC Filter Lawsuit

Alabama Man Files IVC Filter Lawsuit

IVC filters are supposed to prevent deadly blood clots in the lungs. Instead, they often cause deadly side effects, especially when "short-term" filters are left implanted permanently. Some of the most problematic filters were pulled off the market without recalls...

/ March 6, 2017

Autism Linked to Increased Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels

Researchers at the University of North Carolina have found a link between increased levels of cerebrospinal fluid in the brains of infants and a higher risk for autism.

/ March 6, 2017

Soy Nut Butter E. Coli Outbreak Hits 12 People in 5 States

The peanut-free butter substitute "I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter" was recalled after a dozen people had severe food poisoning with E. coli. Most victims were children and 50% were hospitalized.

/ March 6, 2017
Baby Rattle Recall 2017

Oball Baby Rattles Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

Over half a million Oball Rattles sold since January 1, 2016 have been recalled after several children choked on tiny rattle beads that fell out.

/ March 3, 2017

Ohio Company Recalls 40,000 Pounds of Veal Over E. Coli Fears

The Ohio Farms Packing Co. is recalling several thousand boxes of boneless veal products for possible contamination with E. coli, a bacterium that causes severe food poisoning illness.

/ March 3, 2017
Nexium Kidney Damage Lawsuits

Heartburn Drugs Linked to “Silent” Kidney Disease Epidemic

Millions of people who use heartburn drugs like Nexium and Prilosec may be increasing their risk of serious kidney damage, even if they show no symptoms of kidney problems, according to a new study.

/ March 3, 2017

Aldi Stir Fry Bags Recalled for Listeria

Bags of frozen stir fry vegetables sold only at Aldi grocery stores were recalled after testing positive for the bacteria Listeria. No cases of food poisoning were reported.

/ March 2, 2017
Chicken Nuggets

6 Tons of “Ready-to-Eat” Chicken Nuggets Recalled for Being Undercooked

Wayne Farms LLC has issued a recall for 6 tons of ready-to-eat “Waffle Breaded Bites” chicken nuggets sold at Food Lion stores in 10 states after complaints of the products being undercooked.

/ March 2, 2017