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World AIDS Day 2016: Scientific Breakthroughs Bring Hope for Cure

Thursday marked the 28th anniversary of World AIDS Day, an international health campaign dedicated to promoting HIV/AIDS awareness, as well as mourning those who have died from the disease. Here are four scientific breakthroughs that give reason to believe a...

/ December 2, 2016

Are Food Allergies on the Rise? Experts Conflicted

More Americans than ever say they have severe food allergies, but the fact is there’s little evidence to support this claim, according to a panel of experts.

/ December 1, 2016
Tests Find Glyphosate in 29 Snack Foods and Cereals

Tests Find Glyphosate in 29 Snack Foods and Cereals

Roundup weed-killer residues were found in Cheerios, Doritos, Pita Chips, Oreos, and dozens of other American snack foods.

/ November 30, 2016

LASIK Eye Surgeries May Cause New Vision Problems

Three months after LASIK eye surgery, nearly 50% of patients reported new vision problems they did not have before, according to a U.S. government study.

/ November 29, 2016
Vena Cava Filter Side Effect Lawsuit Filed Against Cook Medical

Arizona Man Files Cook Celect® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A man who was injured by a blood clot filter that is associated with high rates of perforation has filed a lawsuit against Cook Medical, joining over 1,175 similar lawsuits.

/ November 29, 2016
Belladonna - Deadly Nightshade

CVS Recalls Homeopathic Products for Kids Due to Belladonna

CVS recalls more homeopathic teething tablets and ear drops for kids after the FDA finds inconsistent amounts of belladonna, also known as "deadly nightshade."

/ November 28, 2016
FDA Lab Test Oversight

FDA Pauses Oversight of Laboratory Developed Tests

FDA pauses stronger lab test regulations, setting its sights on an incoming Trump administration with the agency in its crosshairs.

/ November 25, 2016
Lawsuit for Bard Eclipse Blood Clot Filter

Alabama Woman Files Bard Eclipse® IVC Filter Lawsuit

A woman who was injured by a blood clot filter has filed a lawsuit accusing C.R. Bard of selling a defective medical device and failing to warn about health risks.

/ November 25, 2016
Essure FDA Warnings

Essure Safety Concerns Remain After FDA Updates Warnings

Thousands of women have spent years trying to get Essure off the market due to safety risks. Instead of a recall, FDA has strengthened warning labels and created an optional "Patient Decision" checklist.

/ November 24, 2016

5 Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies to Beat the Bulge

The holiday season is here again. And with it comes some of the best things in life - family, friends, and food...lots of it. The average American gains 5 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and spends the rest...

/ November 24, 2016