The lawsuit was filed by James Brown, a man who worked for the railroads for decades. He claims he developed cancer after being exposed to creosote, degreasing solvents, lead, and other chemicals.

He was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in August 2008, which his doctor blamed on toxic chemical exposure.

Brown says he was responsible for picking up railroad ties and dropping them off. He helped install ties that were “soaking wet” with creosote. He also washed off equipment and railroad ties, which left him covered “head to toe” in creosote. He says his wet clothes allowed the chemical to soak into his skin.

He blames the exposure on his bad eyes, legs and feet, weight-gain from his medication, impotence, memory loss, and other health problems.

Brown worked 18 years for Chicago & North Western Railway (CNW), and another 13 years when it became Union Pacific Railroad Co.

Lawyers say he was eventually given a hard hat and gloves, but no other protective equipment. They added that no one used protective equipment until Union Pacific took over CNW in the mid-1990s.

The lawsuit was filed on December 3, 2010 in Madison County Circuit Court — In Re: James Brown v. Union Pacific Railroad Co.Case No. 10-L-1213.

Source: Madison – St. Clair Record

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  1. I had melanoma in 1994 from years of exposure working outside

  2. How far does this lawsuit go back because my father died in 1981 when he used to work for a railroad.

  3. My dad just died of cancer after working 26 years on railroad. Engineer. I work for railroad now. Wondering if my mother had a case

  4. I had cancer in 14 at the age of 28 I’ve been working at the rr since January 2008

  5. My daughter lost her father (& my ex husband) in 2014 due to skin cancer. He had also lost his hearing & most of his vision. He worked for CSX from 1973 until 2004. While we were still married, he always smelled of creosote & diesel fumes. It was in his skin, deeply. He could not even wash the smell away!

  6. I am a locomotive engineer been working for the Railroad 26 years and would like to know more information on this matter. I have been exposed to asbestos, creosote, brake dust and probably many chemicals that are being hauled by the railroad and spills

  7. Lawsuit was filed on December 3, 2010 in Madison County Circuit Court — In Re: James Brown v. Union Pacific Railroad Co. — Case No. 10-L-1213

    Do some research, it’s all available online, Rod & Susan.

  8. What about the Toll collectors that work with theses toxic fumes on a daily basis.

  9. This is for all the money hungry people that are involved in
    this,,when all those people that now think it was that bad ,,
    would’ve bin told upfront that there might be something going on
    80% or more would’ve still taking the job,good pay steady
    job whit benefits,,,,now they turn around and stabbing them in
    the back,,,,,,,when you get some money the lawyers and judges
    already had there cut ,,,,were does the money come from ,taxes RR
    Is subsidized by the government,,,they steal it from SS,again tax
    Money,,,,,,,etc,etc ,,,and then you wonder how this country is trillions
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