The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 12 plaintiffs who were injured by the Tristar Power Pressure Cooker XL or other Power Cooker models.

Power Pressure Cooker XL

Power Pressure Cooker XL

Tristar Products Inc., the “As Seen on TV” company, sells the Power Pressure Cooker 6-Quart (Model No. PC-TR16) with several built-in safety features that are advertised to prevent consumer injuries.

The safety features include a “lid safety lock” that is advertised to prevent it from building pressure if the lid is not closed properly, as well as preventing the lid from being opened until all of the pressure is released.

However, despite Tristar’s claims of “safety,” the lawsuit alleges that the Power Pressure Cooker suffers from dangerous safety defects.

Specifically, the lid of the pressure cooker is removable when there is still a dangerous amount of built-up pressure and steam inside, resulting in an explosion of hot food and liquid. As the lawsuit explains:

When the lid is removed, the pressure trapped within the unit causes the hot liquid contents to be projected from the unit and into the surrounding area, including onto the unsuspecting consumer and their families.”

All six plaintiffs were injured because they were able to open the lid before it was safe. Tristar is accused of putting profits ahead of safety by continuing to sell the Power Pressure Cooker and failing to recall it after consumers reported the defective lid.

For example, a lawsuit was filed by Brenicka L, a woman from Texas who was injured by a Tristar Pressure Cooker (Model #PPC-770) she received as a gift from her husband. At approximately 11:00 a.m., she started making white beans and sausage for her family’s Sunday night dinner using 1 pound of beans, 3 cups of water, sausage, and other ingredients.

After 45 minutes, she heard a “beep” and twisted the valve to de-pressurize the pressure cooker. When steam was no longer coming out of the vent, she began twisting the lid.

Unfortunately, part of the Pressure Cooker’s scalding hot contents shot out and landed all over the kitchen, including her chest, breasts, neck and arms. She had to be hospitalized for treatment of her burns.

Her lawyers have filed lawsuits for at least 11 other people throughout the U.S. who were injured in similar ways by a defective Tristar Power Pressure Cooker.

Plaintiff Alma C., a woman from Orange County, California, filed a lawsuit against Tristar after suffering serious and substantial burn injuries on April 4, 2017, as a result of being able to open the Power Pressure Cooker’s lid before all of the pressure was safely released.

Plaintiff Clifford C., a man from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was burned as a result of the pressure cooker’s lid opening too soon. He accuses Tristar of failing to fix the problem or redesign the product.

Plaintiff Albert M., a man from Orange County, California, was injured on July 16, 2017 after the “Built-In Safety Features” failed and he was able to open lid of a Power Cooker.

Plaintiff Perry M., a man from Florence County, South Carolina, received a Power Cooker as a housewarming gift. He suffered burn injuries on July 18, 2017 when he opened the lid before it was safe.

Plaintiff Jeffrey S., a resident of Riverside County, California, was seriously burned by a Power Cooker on July 23, 2016, after receiving it as a gift from his father. He was able to open the lid, allowing its scalding-hot contents to be forcefully ejected onto his body.

Plaintiff Holly S., a resident of Guadalupe County, Texas, received the Power Cooker as a gift from her mother. She suffered severe burns when it exploded boiling-hot food onto her body on January 12, 2017.

During ordinary cooking, the Power Pressure Cooker uses steam to cook. It hits temperatures up to 248ºF (120ºC), which is hotter than the boiling-point of water. This is useful for cooking food faster using less energy, but it is also extremely dangerous if the safety features fail.

Nationwide, there are now at least 20 additional lawsuits alleging that Tristar knew — or should have known — that the pressure cooker was dangerous, but the company hid the risk and continues to profit off of selling a defective product.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received several reports of other similar incidents stemming from the failure of the Power Pressure Cooker XL and similar Power Cooker models with the same allegedly defective “Built-In Safety Features.” Lawyers accuse Tristar of negligence for failing to warn about safety hazards.

The plaintiffs are represented by attorneys Michael K. Johnson Esq., Kenneth W., Pearson Esq., and Adam J. Kress, Esq of Johnson Becker PLLC in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Johnson//Becker PLLC attorneys are dedicated to serving individuals and families who were injured or harmed by defective products. Their experience is extensive in nation-wide class actions and Multi-District Litigation.

The first lawsuit was filed by 6 plaintiffs on September 19, 2017 in the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas) Civil Trial Division — Case ID: 170902183.

Another lawsuit was filed by 6 plaintiffs on November 7, 2017 in the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas) Civil Trial Division — Case ID: 171100491.

An individual lawsuit was also filed by plaintiff Brenicka L. on November 7, 2017 in the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas) Civil Trial Division — Case ID: 171100481.

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