Rumer Priestly, a woman from Greyabbey, Ireland, suffered painful burns nearly lost her vision the first time she used a pressure cooker. The disaster occurred as she was cooking soup, and tried to release some of the steam to add more ingredients to the pressure cooker.

She says she tried to use a wooden spoon to slide the vent open to release some steam, which caused the explosion. The lid blew off the top of the pressure cooker and exploded boiling-hot food and steam all over her body. Her face and chest were severely burned.

She told the Belfast Telegraph:

It felt like someone had thrown acid in my face. I was crying because of the extreme pain but the hot tears only made it worse.”

She believes her clothing and glasses spared her from suffering far worse injuries. Her glasses likely saved her from going blind. She was also wearing a T-shirt that stopped her arms from being scalded.

Despite being in a state of shock, Rumer removed her shirt, splashed her face with cold water, and applied an ice-pack to her skin. Her mother, Pamela, who was sitting in the living room when she heard a “big bang,” was speechless when she saw the aftermath of the explosion. Pamela rushed her daughter to a Hospital in Belfast.

She is now recovering from the horrific ordeal, and wants to warn others about the dangers of pressure cookers: “I had no idea how dangerous they can be. If you have never used one before then don’t do so without first learning how they work. I have been lucky, but it was a narrow escape.”

Source: Irish woman ‘almost blinded’ by pressure cooker while trying to make soup

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