Drew James would’ve been 26 this year. However, his mother Cheryl claims he died in 2010 under extremely suspicious circumstances.

“When he got to a friend’s he said he didn’t feel good, got sick to his stomach, actually threw up,” James said.

Then Drew had a seizure and died, according to his mother. Cheryl is blaming his death on Monster Nitrous, an extra strength energy drink that actually contains a form of nitrous oxide.

“This is the only thing that he did that he didn’t do every day,” James said.

Doctors later found that Drew’s cause of death was cardiomyopathy, or a thickening of the heart.

In the years since her son’s death, Cheryl has written letters to Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R-FL) and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) seeking stricter regulations on the sale of energy drinks.

She’s also taken to social media to voice her concerns.

“I beg people to try and help us get the word out,” Cheryl said. “I don’t want someone to feel the way I feel.”

Monster energy drinks currently have a “consume responsibly” label on the back of the can, but Cheryl said she wants stricter warnings.

James has campaigned for the drinks to carry a warning for people who have heart problems, and also for there to be an age limit on purchasing the beverages, making it illegal for anyone under 21 to buy.

“The hole in your heart just never, never goes away,” Cheryl said.

James has vowed to continue bringing awareness about the risks of energy drinks on social media, and to help other parents who have experienced similar tragedies.

Source: Action News Jax

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