In addition to identifying the presence of heavy metals in baby food, the study found that more than 70% of the products tested contained “worrisome levels” of at least 1 heavy metal such as lead, cadmium or inorganic arsenic.

For the study, researchers investigated 50 different packaged foods intended for babies and tested 3 samples of each, according to FOX News.

Of the products tested, “15 of the foods would pose potential health risks to a child regularly eating just one serving or less per day,” the researchers wrote.

The 15 potentially dangerous foods identified by the study are:

  • Earth’s Best Organic Chicken & Brown Rice
  • Earth’s Best Turkey, Red Beans and Brown Rice
  • Gerber Chicken & Rice
  • Gerber Turkey & Rice
  • Sprout Organic Baby Food Garden Vegetables Brown Rice with Turkey
  • Gerber Lil’ Meals White Turkey Stew with Rice & Vegetables
  • Gerber Carrot, Pear & Blackberry
  • Gerber Carrots Peas & Corn with Lil’ Bits
  • Plum Organics Just Sweet Potato Organic Baby Food
  • Beech-Nut Classics Sweet Potatoes
  • Earth’s Best Organic Sweet Potatoes, 1st Stage
  • Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal
  • Earth’s Best Organic Sunny Days Snack Bars, Strawberry
  • Happy Baby Organics Superfood Puffs, Apple & Broccoli
  • Happy Baby Organics Superfood Puffs, Purple Carrot & Blueberry

The authors said additional research needs to be done, and that the findings should be viewed as a “spot check of the market and should not be used to draw definitive conclusions about specific brands.”

The effects from heavy metals in the body tend to be absent until after prolonged exposure, according to the researchers. Long-term effects can result in severe health complications including cancer, type 2 diabetes, cognitive problems and other serious side effects.

Source: FOX News

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